12 Powerful Habits to Track in Your Planner Everyday

Have you ever woken up in the morning to do all the regular things like brush your teeth, drink coffee, shower, get dressed, sit at the office table and totally draw a blank?! You forgot about all those extra minor things you wanted to do more in your morning routine. Or maybe you have an extensive project with a deadline that’s quickly approaching and you don’t know where to begin. 

This is where your trusted friend of a habit tracker comes in to the rescue. I’ve included a free habit tracker printable for you to keep track of your daily musts. You can grab that below if you want it now! 

What is a Habit Tracker and why do we need to track habits?

A habit tracker is a place for you to check-in daily/weekly in your planner, bullet journal or a habit tracking app. If you want to be creative, you can put it in a frame and re-use it all year with a dry erase marker.

It’s important to keep track of things that matter to you because it builds momentum and you can see your progress along the way. #Growth Habit tracking also helps you to avoid burn out too!

How do You track daily habits

Tracking any habits can be done daily, weekly, and/or monthly. It depends on what you keep as a priority in your life or what areas you want to improve. Here is an example of how to track your daily habits.

You can look at it as your accountability partner. At the end of each week or month, review your progress to see what you did the most and the least then make adjustments. One way to maximize your habit tracker is by setting a goal, breaking them down into tasks and checking each off as you complete them. 

Checking things off your list will not only build confidence but create success for you and your business.


What habits should You track consistently

  • Gratitude

I believe that daily gratitude can help shift your mindset and attitude from negative to positive, resulting in positive decision making. It can also shape you to be a happier person. 

Who doesn’t want a friend like that?

I challenge you to practice writing one sentence daily expressing gratitude for 30 days. Track it and see how you feel when it’s over. Let me know in the comments if you take on the challenge.

  • Exercise

Health is wealth and it should be a part of all our daily routines. I didn’t workout for a long while after I had my last son and I felt horrible, physically, and mentally. Now, exercising is my escape! Lol.

I feel so good and accomplished afterwards. Regular exercise will prevent unnecessary sickness, limit doctor visits and release healthy hormones into your body. You will look and feeling like a million bucks with consistent efforts.

  • Personal Development

My favorite motivational speaker, the late Jim Rohn, said “Work on yourself more than you do on your job”. Working on your mindset can mean listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, watching life or business training videos, reading books that focus on growth, mindset and leadership. 

When you grow, so does your income. You want that, right? Me too! 

Your daily habits will determine how your future looks. It’s so important to have a growth mindset because there’s always something new to learn! Take advantage of growth, then pass it on.

  • Meal Planning

Whew! Meal planning can save you a ton of time and frustration. When you plan your meals to cook ahead of time, you can use freezer bag meals to toss in the Crock-pot without having to look through the fridge for thirty minutes trying to figure out what to cook.

Meal planning can also save you money. When you have a ready-made grocery list – that’s based on your future meals to cook, you won’t be aimlessly shopping in the grocery store or picking up items that are not on your list.

Planning your meals ahead can be done once a week or even once a month, depending on which recipe you use. Here are a few Crock-pot meal ideas to explore. Slow Cooker meals or Vegetarian Slow Cooker meals

  • Self Care

Self Care is so important because you need to take care of you, boo! Love yourself so you can truly love your neighbor. Putting yourself first does not mean that you are being selfish. It means that you care enough to fill your cup so you can turn around to pour into someone else when needed.

Practicing self-care also helps you to avoid burnout or potentially exploding on someone due to a nervous breakdown. 

Create a self-care routine or put together a self-care kit of your favorite things to enjoy during your “Me Time”. Do you need ideas on how to treat yourself? Watch this video below…

  • Goal Setting

Why not set goals and keep track of them? It’s so rewarding when you can see yourself making progress and smashing goals! Using a goal setting habit tracking will make you stay focused on the activity that needs to be completed instead of the goal itself.

Take your big goal, break it into chunks, break those chunks into bite sizes and put them on a tracker. You will see so much progress over time and it won’t be overwhelming. 

I believe your brain will process the big picture much better when you know what to focus on daily and weekly. Every time you complete the task, reward yourself. Do a happy dance and go to the next activity to smash! #makeithappen

  • Connect With Someone

While so many are practicing social distancing and self-quarantine,  now is the time to connect with others online, by phone, text or email. Use your habit tracker to remind you to check in on your family and friends that maybe you haven’t talked to in a while. 

Step out of your comfort zone a little and connect with your new friends you haven’t met yet on social media. Build your social skills and connect. It’s healthy for your emotional state and you’re building relationships around the world.

  • Budgeting

Tai Lopez said to check your bank account every morning so you won’t be surprised by what’s in it. Keep track of your expenses and spending will save you from embarrassment at the grocery store because of your card being declined. 

Using a habit tracker to stay on top of your finances will keep you from overspending, track your progress of getting out of debt, and it will give you a peace of mind. Check out this example of a finance habit tracker.

  • Focus

Practicing focus time is a little different from self-care. During this time, you will be intentional with looking at your to-do list and executing it like the terminator. You have blocked off time on your schedule and are laser beam focused at completing your most important tasks of the day.

Sometimes, we have to silence the kids and the television to get our brains in the zone of genius. Practice doing this for 30 days and see what kind of progress you make. You will thank yourself later.

  • Fave Hobby

Spending time in your favorite hobby daily is optional, but it helps you release your creativity and potentially turn it into a business. 

Imagine this… Let’s say you love crocheting scarfs. You try every day to crochet a little, no pressure. Before you know, you have created 15 new scarfs and people want to buy your handmade scarfs now. 

It could be the beginning of a six-figure future if you consistently do a little every day. Put hobbies on your habit tracker and see where it leads you.

  • Hydrate

Hydrate your body! Did you know that your body needs a ton of water every day? Like half your body weight in ounces?! Whoa! 

It’s easy for some, but not for everyone. I personally don’t like the taste of plain water, so sometimes I like to squeeze freeze lemon juice in mines to make it easier to drink. 

There are so many benefits to drinking water such as boosting your immune system, preventing headaches, supporting weight loss and improving your skin. This habit is a non- negotiable one if you want to live a healthy and happy life.

  • Skin Care

Speaking of clearer skin, it’s been said that it’s best to cleanse your skin once in the morning and at night. Why add this to your habit in your planner? Because it’s part of what keeps the skin looking young and beautiful.

Cleansing your skin washes away impurities from the environment, leaves your skin feeling refreshed and you won’t leave a big dirt spot on your delicate pillow case. 

No one should be able to tell how old you are just by looking at your skin. Fool them with a good skin care regimen. Looking for a natural and affordable skin care system to use? Click here to see one of my absolute faves!

Let’s sum it up

There are tons of habits that can be tracked in your planner, but you can start with two or three. Add a new habit every 21 days since it takes 21 days to build healthy habits. 

Choose the habits that are the most important to you now and habits that you want to break. Have fun with it and turn it into a game with some friends.

What top three habits are you tracking in your planner today? Or what habits do you plan to add to your habit tracker?

Need even more Habit Tracker ideas for your planner? Check out this post 127 Unique Habit Tracker Ideas.

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  1. Hey Marie! Great tips. I actually needed to read this so I can get on track with some things. I appreciate the list to start tracking. Great post!

  2. I love these tips. I’m definitely a big fan of planners and I’m tracking just about everything but I have not thought about skincare habits before. This article is so good.

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