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15 cute dresses every girl should have now

How many times have you looked through your packed closet and said “I don’t have anything to wear”?

If you haven’t, are you human? Lol. Just kidding.

Just about every girl I know has been there and done that. Although, our closets are probably overflowing with clothing, in our eyes, those clothes are just now what we dreamed of wearing on that special occasion.

After today, you won’t have to worry your pretty little head anymore because i’ve found the perfect summer dresses that you can wear almost anywhere for any occasion. And you will feel more confident and looking beautiful while glowing in the summer months.

Why does every girl need a cute dress?

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Hmmm, let’s see…

  • The ultimate goal is to keep you from overheating in the sizzling hot sun!
  • Flaunt a gorgeous dress and look good doing it!
  • Regain your confidence
  • Shop on a bargain
  • You get to wear it during the summer, fall and spring seasons(with an extra layer of covering, of course)!

When looking at these cute trendy dresses, keep these types of occasions in mind:

Beach, party, date night, summer wedding, girls day out, church and more.

15 Trendy Dresses You Need this Summer

Maxi dress

A Maxi dress can be worn almost anywhere to every occasion. Lazy day, maternity pictures,  wedding guest, trying to look slimmer… this dress will be your best friend! You can jazz it up with accessories during the summer, spring, winter or fall seasons.

They are super comfortable and flowy allowing air in to keep you cool.

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Cold Shoulder dress

Cold shoulder dresses are so cute and comfortable. You have more coverage around the chest but your shoulders are free to show off a little skin. There’s little to no arm restrictions when you want to lift up your arm. This is also a nice dress that you can wear to special events, maternity(baby shower), church, or wherever you want to look glam but still relaxed!

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Midi dress

This style of dress is almost like the Maxi dress but a shorter version. It’s flowy, loose-fitting and gives you another reason to show off your amazing looking legs. I think this Midi dress is perfect for a date night with your man! You can’t go wrong with this one.

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Shirt dress


Benefits to owning a pretty Shirt dress like this? It will not cost you a fortune! And there are different types(ex. T-shirt dress like the pic above). You can style this dress many ways like adding leggings and tucking in the front, throw on some cute sandals and head to the beach or pair it with a nice pair of boots in the winter. The options are limitless.

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Boho dress

There are many different styles to a boho(or bohemian) dress. It’s loose-fitting, cute, flowy, classy with a little taste of hippie… some of them! You can wear this when having a girl’s night out, date night, wedding guest, bridal shower, engagement pictures and many other options. I absolutely love this dress to death!

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A tunic is an easy dress to work with. You can just slip it on and run right out the door to your important meeting. Every girl definitely needs one of these in her closet because it will make life so much easier when you want to be cute in under 10mins. A tunic is simple and perfect for the summer. Accessorize however you want in every weather season.

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Belted dress

A belted dress helps to accentuate your waistline! Even if you have a little muffin top, you can still get away with wearing this snug and free flowing dress with a belt. Where to wear this beauty? Maybe to the beach, date night, traveling, blog photo, or bridal events.

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Beach dress

Beach wedding anyone? You can definitely wear this beach dress to that wedding that’s coming up! With this dress, you have good coverage but enough openings to show off your legs and shoulders. While outside in the heat, the lengthy piece of garment will protect your legs from sunburn. This is perfect when you want to feel the breeze and look stunning!

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Floral dress

Now here is a dress that you can wear all year long and with many different pieces like wedges, boots, sandals or a jean jacket. This dress comes in a variety of colors and in solid colors if you’re not into floral prints.

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Skater dress

Skater dresses are so fun and flirty! Do you have a date night coming approaching or are you looking to find a new boo? I’m sure this dress will turn some heads in your favor. It also comes in different colors and styles.

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Wrap around dress

“Must buy for lovers of yellow” Little Leslie said… “Must buy for lovers of yellow” Little Leslie said… The infamous Wrap dress was made to define your waist area and the ‘V’ was designed to help balance your chest area to align perfectly with the curves of your hips. This versatile dress is very stylish, comfy and comes in many different colors and patterns. A Wrap dress is a must have for every girl! Why wouldn’t you want one of these?

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African print dress

Not only is African print dresses cozy and cute but they’re trending! This dress would be perfect for a dinner date with your man. It has its own unique style and can be worn for many occasions. Check out the many varieties of colors and prints of this dress and find one that’s perfect for you!

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Cami dress

The way a Camisole dress feels on the skin is nothing less than awesome! Most are of silky texture and is made to keep you cool during the summer months! You can also wear this during the Spring and Fall paired with a nice cover like a jean jacket or duster. This too, every girl should have now!

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Where can you go wrong with this one? An oversized dress is great for anything! Lazy day, maternity, going out, travel, or special events? You can pop on this dress in two minutes, feel relaxed, and look amazing! Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and styles. Win win.

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Spaghetti strap

Unlike the strapless dress, you won’t have to worry constantly yanking up your dress because it keeps sliding down. The Spaghetti strap is a lot more slip resistant, giving you confidence in your clothing( knowing that you won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions)! This Spaghetti strap dress is perfect for wedding guest, date night, travel, beach and many other places! Several style patterns and colors are available.

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Did you like these Summer dresses?

All of these dresses are so cute and what every girl(on earth) should have in her closet. There is one for every occasion and season of life that will be a perfect fit for you. I loved sharing these amazing outfit ideas with you! Now it’s time to enjoy the good weather while looking stylish in your dress!

Which one was your absolute favorite dress that you could see yourself in?

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