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27 Easy Feminine Hygiene Hacks You Need to Know Now

Let’s face it, being a girl is hard! Talking about this type of thingy, feminine hygiene or vaginal care, isn’t easy for most of us but it’s necessary. A lot of these tips I had to learn from experience, but you can learn before going through any of this hard stuff. Taking care of your lady parts can leave you healthy, smelling good and feeling confident about yourself! I’m going to share life-changing feminine hygiene hacks you’ve probably never heard of until today.

Why is Feminine Hygiene important?

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to feel extreme itching down there while out with friends? And now you’re walking funny due to the irritation! Feminine hygiene is important because regular self-care keeps you away from unwanted diseases and bacteria as well as a healthier sex life! Every girl should be aware of the health of her body, especially during the menstruation period. Smelling good and feeling fresh will give you peace of mind every day.

How can you tell if something is wrong down there?

If you suddenly notice burning when urinating, abnormal vaginal discharge, irritation, dryness, an unfamiliar odor, extreme itching or unpleasant pain during sex, you probably have an issue that needs treatment! I’m no expert but those annoying symptoms are signs that indicate it’s probably time to visit your gynecologist! You can also follow a few of the feminine hygiene tips below to prevent ever having to experience these problems altogether.

How can you keep your vaginal hygiene feminine on the regular?

  • Shower daily
  • Change clothes and undies regularly. Like daily!
  • Eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and leafy greens
  • Eat less dairy, meats, bread(yeast) and sweets(sugar)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Regular Well Woman exam
  • Safe sex!!!
  • Have a self-care routine!

The juicy details on how to maintain the best feminine hygiene are below! Let’s get to the goods! I’ll be replacing the word vagina with the word pearl to keep from overusing the “V” word. Haha…

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27 Easy Feminine Hygiene Hacks

  1. After a shower, dust powder down there to absorb oils. Keeps from sweating too much! Sweating will bring odors and you don’t want that!
  2. Avoid wearing tight clothing or underwear daily. Body con panties or pants every day is a major no-no! When you get home from flaunting, put on some loose pants and get comfy. Let your pearl breathe girlfriend!
  3. Organize your underwear. Staying organized will keep you from wearing the same undies too many times. More tips on how to organize your entire life are waiting here!
  4. Drink plenty of water. This naturally flushes out toxins in your body. Plus, we’re supposed to drink water anyway so make it a habit if you’re not doing that already.
  5. Line silk undies with cotton from an old T-shirt. Cut out a piece of cotton and align it with your underwear. Sew it together. Viola!
  6. Wear period panties to avoid messing up your good underwear.
  7. Place panty liners in your undies if you have a heavy discharge to help keep your pearl dry. Change liner often as needed.
  8. Eat Healthy Foods. In your diet, include foods like fresh fruits, honey, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar tea, and other healthy food from the list above. Avoid too much garlic, onions, and spicy foods because it changes how you taste(sour flavor).
  9. Wear cotton panties. This is always the best route to avoid excessive moisture. You want to keep it dry to maintain good feminine hygiene.
  10. Use Body wipes for temporary freshness when you’re out and about. It’s almost like a shower on the go! No monkey butt, girlfriend!
  11. Soak in 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in a bathtub full of water for about 45mins. This will bring your pH levels back to normal.
  12. Fruits! Did you know certain fruits can make you smell good? Eat pineapples and cranberries!
  13. Sleep commando! BOOM! Not only is this freeing but it prevents bacteria from creeping in while you’re sleeping. You don’t have to do this every night but try it a few times a week.
  14. Keep a period emergency kit with you, Always! Fill a small pouch with all of your hygiene essentials and keep it with you in your purse, office desk, backpack or car.
  15. Stay away from soaps with perfumes. These can irritate your pearl and cause a vaginal infection.
  16. Use an app to track your period to avoid accidents. I like to use the Clue app. It has always been very accurate with the dates of my cycle. This will be your best friend.
  17. Try essential oils if fighting BV(bacterial vaginosis). 6 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of tea tree oil and ¼ cup of coconut oil(or grapeseed oil). Mix well together and soak a tampon with it. Change tampon every 2 hours, three times a day for seven days. Wear a pad to catch any fluids. Be sure to use gloves when changing tampons.
  18. Wanna know a crazy feminine hygiene hack? Mix vodka and water together then spray it on your clothes(or underwear). Let dry. It kills bacteria! Say What?!
  19. Don’t wear thongs all the time. Or just don’t wear them! They are a breeding ground for bacteria! Sorry ladies!
  20. Let her breathe! Go bare sometimes! Hairless, I mean.
  21. Take Probiotics! This helps to strengthen your immune and digestive system along with increasing your energy! Life-Changing stuff!
  22. After sex, clean up! Get up and go urine right after! Don’t be lazy! We all wanna cuddle up afterward but nobody wants bad feminine hygiene issues, right?! Get rid of the bacteria by urinating and/or take a shower!
  23. Try not to use cloths with color dyes. Wash with white washcloths only! The dyes can irritate your skin, therefore, causing an infection.
  24. Take showers instead of baths. You don’t want to linger in dirt and bacteria. If you try the method where you soak in apple cider vinegar, soak only then take a shower afterward. I know, it sounds like a lot. Trust me, it’s worth the extra effort!
  25. Do not douche for heaven’s sake! Douching will get rid of ALL of your bacteria, the good and the bad, creating an open space for bacterial yeast to step in and make matters worse. You can, however, you an empty douche bottle and fill it with ½ plain yogurt and ½ water. You can that for 3 days to get rid of a yeast infection.
  26. Make sure your bowels are moving. Sounds crazy huh? Constipation can cause serious feminine hygiene issues and bringing around more bacteria.
  27. Keep it dry, ladies! Bacteria loves to fester in moisture!
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Life-Changing Feminine Hygiene Hacks or What?

Believe me when I say that when you use these hygiene hacks, in the long run, they will save you money and fewer trips to the doctor’s office. Plus, you will have so much more confidence in your womanhood. No more annoying symptoms and you can enjoy more pleasurable intercourse with your man! We all struggle with hygiene issues at some point in our lives but how you handle it makes a world of difference! I hope these tips have helped save your pearl!

A few sources that helped with tips and hacks:

xoJahtna, Jackie Aina, Ask Kimberly, Chef Mama Rosa(My favorite Youtuber), Victoria Victoria and Luhhsetty(her video is below)!

Have you tried any of these feminine hygiene hacks and felt results? Which one shocked you and which are you more curious to try?

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