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34 Valuable lessons to manifest the life you desire

Have you ever looked back on a portion of your life and wished you had known things sooner or did a few things differently?! Yeah, me too! Before my mom passed, she tried to teach me so much about life but we didn’t know that we’d only have 14 years together so that teaching was short-lived. I wouldn’t get to learn much about real-life situations until I made it into my mid-twenties and beyond – fortunately, you don’t have to wait that long to learn these life lessons if you’re a millennial reading this right now. 

Why should you know these life lessons now?

These valuable golden nuggets will spare you heartache, disappointment, and bad time management. You will still probably experience all of those things I just mentioned, but it will be a lot less of them when you have a bit of knowledge under your belt! I had to learn a lot of life lessons the hard way and I’m here to save you from a few knots on my head. Plus, you will probably experience success in certain areas of your life and living a happier life sooner!

Life Lessons That Can Benefit You!

1. You are worth it!

If no one has ever told you before, I’m telling you now that, girlfriend, you are so worth it! You are worth being treated like a Queen, having a successful business or relationship that you desire, being able to live a carefree life you long for, wearing luxury clothing items if you please – Yes, girl, you are worth having all your dreams come true! Go after what you want!

2. Don’t procrastinate or you’ll pay the price!

Girl, waiting until the very last second to get things done will catch up with you! You will either forget to do what needs completing (then it won’t get done) or you will be too late for whatever it is and miss out! Do it now. Do it now and get the task over with to relieve yourself of a chore! Set multiple reminders in your calendar or alarms so you can hold yourself accountable!

3. Be honest! 

Lying will only go so far, plus you have to keep up with the lie you told before and it’s just too stressful to keep up with all the lies… you will trip over them and get caught in the web. Don’t waste your time! Be truthful from the beginning and move forward!

4. Nothing wrong with being alone sometimes!

Are you an introvert? I know you like to be alone and have me time (almost all the time) and there’s nothing wrong with that! Just remember to find a good balance because your loved ones want to spend time with you too! Embrace both, alone time and friendship time.

5. Can’t always get what you want

Life isn’t fair, and that’s ok! We just have to live with it and go on but that doesn’t that life has to suck because we can’t get what we want. It just might not be the right timing. 

6. Be resourceful!

Like Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable!” That means when you don’t know something – before you go asking others a ton of questions, go to YouTube University or Google and research it… Or read a book or a blog about it! More than likely, you will find the answer and you’ll be able to teach someone else about it too! Use your resources!

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7. Plan! Plan! And Plan some more!

Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!” I have found that to be so true and it sucks! When you have a plan, you have something to look forward to and to hold you accountable! Start planning today!

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8. Embrace failure.

Every time something doesn’t work out for you, ask yourself why? Learn from what went wrong and don’t repeat it! Falling down will make you a stronger person when you get back on your feet again.

9. Watch people!

After enduring so many disappointments from people I thought I could trust, I had to learn to watch what people do, not hold on tight to what they say. The truth is in their actions!

10. Taste your food first!

The infamous parable, in case you haven’t heard it: A businessman takes a worthy applicant out to lunch at a nice restaurant. If he catches the job seeker salting his food before tasting it, he immediately cuts him loose. Why? The big wig sees this practice as a sign of impulsiveness, untrustworthiness, and disrespect. Not sure who to give credit to because many been said to attribute, but I’ll just go with Henry Ford!

In other words, try things the way they are first (without complaining) before you try to put your spin on it! It might just work out for your benefit! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

11. Work on your relationships

I believe we were created to build and maintain relationships with all the many people on earth. I could be wrong but going through life seem much easier and you will gain more success (depending on what type of relationship you’re building) when you build long-lasting relationships with people outside of your family. 

Use social media to your advantage and start leaving some “thoughtful” comments on other’s posts – You will feel good knowing that you’ve made their day!

12. Follow the Golden Rule!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Period!

13. No shame in being wrong!

Nobody is a know-it-all even if they act like they know everything. If you’re wrong about something, just admit it and move on. Don’t cause a fight over something silly because you want to hold on to your pride! 

14. Question yourself before you lay with them.

Don’t laugh, but someone told me this when I was pregnant with my second child… and I was still a single mom! SMH. I learned then that you need to think things through before you get in bed with someone who might not have the same relationship goals as you. Don’t waste your time if the two of you are not on the same page or it will leave you brokenhearted and raising a child by yourself! Think first! 

Example question: Can I see myself with this person for the next 20 years or would this person be a good mother/father to my child?

15. Pay attention

Stay work! as the song says. The world nowadays is crazy and you just need to know what’s going on. No, you don’t have to drown yourself in the negative TV news every day but every once in a while, find out what’s going on around you. You don’t want to be thrown off guard because of ignorance. People perish because of ignorance!

16. Sow seeds

When you plant seeds, they have to grow then you can reap a harvest, right? So think of it in business terms… When you are consistently working towards building your business (even if it’s slow), one day it will skyrocket and look like an overnight success! Or if you have a habit of giving goods away, eventually the favor will return to you and others will give back to you. That’s the law of seed, time and harvest.

17. Do it UN-perfectly

OMG! Being a perfectionist stopped me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do because I felt that if it wasn’t perfect, I would not pursue it. But NOW, I just do the dang thing without over-analyzing stuff so much. If what I’m working on has a few errors, oh well, I will not stress myself about it. It’s better done than not done at all. Don’t let that mental block hold you back from going after your dreams.

You won’t be perfect when you first start, but you get better as you grow! 

Focus on growth rather than perfection. Just do the dang thing!

18. Quiet your mouth.

Talking too much can sometimes you in trouble! That’s why we have one mouth and two ears. It’s better to listen more and talk less. You learn twice as much when you listen well! I’m sure most introverts know this already!

19. Learn patience

When you have children, you will have to practice a lot of patience. While running a business, you will have to practice patience. Dealing with a hot-head, you will have to practice patience. Patience is a virtue, my dear! Being patient is hard (for me anyway) but it’s worth it because it ties in with discipline. When you practice both, you can overcome more life obstacles when adulting!

20. Dream big and visualize

Dream big so you won’t allow yourself to settle for mediocrity! That idea in your head is there for a reason, pursue it. Visualize what it would be like to have your dream come true and living the lifestyle you want. It will change your mindset! If you have kids, don’t crush their dreams. Help them run with their dreams and try to make them become a reality. The earlier, the better!

21. Show love

There is no need to be jealous of anyone more successful than you! It’s just their time to shine and I’m sure they worked hard to get there. Show them love and then learn from them. 

And to the ones that are hard to love, show them love anyway (talking about family and friends). They might not understand what love is yet, but hopefully, they will learn from you!

22. You decide

Once I shifted my mindset for the better, I learned that everything was up to me. Just as it is for you! If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, change it! You choose whether you want to have a happy day or a sucky day… You control your day, don’t let it control you!

23. Smile more

I don’t know why this was an issue for me when I was younger, but I’m sure glad I grew out of not smiling! LOL. We all have a reason to smile. Think long about the many reasons you have to smile.

I’ll give you a few reasons: You have freedom, you have a family and friends, you’re alive, technology is a beast and you can do anything online (Big Smile), and you can create the life you want when you get ready! Smile to that every day!!!

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24. Become disciplined

Being a self-disciplined person will open opportunities for you to experience things in life that most people won’t. Don’t be lazy! Being lazy leads to poverty and nobody wants to live that life!

25. Learn everything about management.

Even at this age, I’m still learning things about management, especially since I’ve started this blog. Kids, housework, wife duties and a blog are tough, but staying on top of priorities is a must! When you manage the smalls things, you will eventually get to manage the bigger and better responsibilities.

Example: I didn’t have my car anymore because of a car accident, but I could keep my Father-in-law’s car. I took care of it like it was my car. When my husband and I went to get another car, it was better and more spacious than our previous car. I don’t believe in luck but I prepared myself for something better by taking care of the car that wasn’t mine.

26. Love yourself first.

If you don’t love you first, it’s impossible to love anyone else! Love yourself and let people see how much you love you so they will know how to treat you. People will treat you how you treat yourself.

27. Biggest Life Lesson: Be You!

Authenticity is key! Be you, boo! You don’t have to be anyone else but you because you have your unique gifts and talents. Only you have your fingerprints! Only you can fulfill your purpose! Live your life by being you to the fullest!

Life Lesson to remember – Be Yourself!

28. READ!

There are secrets to happiness, wealth, good health and success hidden within books! People write their books to put the lessons they’ve learned inside and they also tell you the strategies they used to build their empire. Whatever you want to learn, I’m sure it’s in a book on Amazon!

29. Every single day, do this…

Personal development! Grow your mind every single day of your life! Period! It exposed me to so much more of the world once I learned how to upgrade my level of thinking!

How do you grow your mind? Listen to a podcast, watch motivation or free courses on YouTube, take paid courses from successful people, go to seminars, read books, read blogs about mindset and success, travel to expose yourself to new things, and hang around smart people which leads to my next point.

30. Learn from people who are smarter than you

I’ve heard that if you’re smarter than your circle of friends, you need to get new friends because you aren’t growing and probably not progressing in life! Smart people bounce smart ideas off each other, which leads to you creating something that could produce a profit! Keep those smart ones close! 

31. Solve other people’s problems

Solving other people’s problems creates wealth for you plus it helps beat depression because you’re not focusing on your problems. When you can solve problems, people will pay you for it! What problems are you good with settling for others?

32. Be grateful.

Always have a heart of gratitude! Tony Robbins says he goes on a gratitude walk every morning! While I might not take that walk every morning, I do try to express my gratitude in my bullet journal. It helps to keep me grounded and away from selfishness. I also think by being grateful, you’ll be a much happier person with a consistently positive attitude!

This is one life lesson I’m most appreciative of!

33. Take initiative

The ones who take action are always the winners! Winners don’t sit back and wait for things to happen or for someone else to do stuff for them. If you want it done, you do it! Whatever you want to learn, go out and research it. Don’t just look at a problem and walk away, fix it! That’s taking initiative!

34. Pass it on!

When you learn a life lesson, teach someone else about it. Give your friends, family, and even friends you haven’t met yet the chance to learn from your mistakes or your ah-ha moments. It could save someone’s life. Moms should definitely teach their children meaningful life lessons as early as they can comprehend. 

Any chance you get, pass on the life lesson knowing that you’ve contributed to the world to help make it a better and more positive place. We need more people like you who will leave a good legacy!

One Extra that I can’t leave you without…

Take a chance on yourself.

Be willing to step out and try new things! If it doesn’t work out, try something else. Keep trying and taking chances until you find what works best for you. Let your purpose drive you and have a well laid out plan to guide you. 

valuable life lessons marie mcgee blog

Whew, there you go!

Everything you need to know about how to live a successful and happy life all wrapped up in this little post! You might not think much of some of these life lessons but let it marinate in your mind for a bit, apply the lessons learned and see the benefits of knowing how to handle life situations beforehand. I hope you enjoyed these tips – and share them too!

Which of these life lessons helped you the most! I’d love to hear your feedback!

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