About Me

Hello lovely, I’m Marie! My birth name is Frances Marie but since it took me years to start loving my middle name, I thought I’d embrace it here on my blog even more. I’m so happy that you’ve taken some time to read through my blog and get to know me a little better.

A few details…

I’m married to my amazing and very supportive hubby, Barry! Together, we have four boys and two girl. Yes, our house is busy all the time! lol. We met at church when we were kids and both grew to love Jesus with our whole hearts.

We’ve are working on our fourth year of marriage and it has been quite the adventure from day one… in a good way! We love to enjoy a quiet dinner(when the kids are sleeping) and cozy up in front of the tv watching Netflix when time allows. 

We love to make time to show our kids a good time. Sometimes we even act like kids with them… as you can see in this video! Haha…

My passion is You!

I started this is blog in the summer of 2018 but didn’t officially release it until January 2019. I’ve always wanted to creatively express my thoughts and empower women so blogging is the best outlet for that I believe. I am super passionate about educating women on how to enhance their lifestyles, enjoy beauty without breaking the bank and do fun, cute little projects to up the decor in your home. We will also give you resources to start and grow your online business!

On this blog, we equip you as we learn, with step-by-step guides, simple tutorials and strategies to take your life + home, mindset and business to another level. I believe these tools will be a game changer for you and your family.

What inspires me?

The one thing that inspires me the most is to see women helping women! Kind of like iron sharpening iron, making each other better! I also love to see women on a mission to live their best life!

A few people I follow for daily inspiration:

Eric Thomas

Ronnessa Brown

Oprah Winfrey

Jim Rhon

Brian Tracey

Suzi with Start a Mom blog

Queedom Dinasty

Things that make me laugh!

I love watching old school movies and compilation videos of embarrassing moments on Youtube! OMG, once I start laughing, I start to cry-laugh and then I’m laughing all day long! I just love a great laugh. It is good for the soul right?! My soul is always happy! Lol.

Why do I even blog?

As I stated earlier, I love to inspire and help make someone’s life a little easier than it was before! I am a stay at home mom and sometimes us moms, get tired of only talking to the kiddos! lol. Although I do love them dearly, I still like to interact with others my own age. 

marie mcgee

By blogging, I am able to make friends and connect with women from around the world! I’m a natural born enthusiast but incredibly shy! I feel that by starting this blog, sharing my journey and tips with you will help pull me out of my shell. Maybe, I could help another introvert like me rise up!

To my readers and future best friends

A few things I’m hoping for you as being a part of my virtual family is that we can totally relate to each other. Wife to wife, mom to mom, friend to friend. We can be open and respectful to each other. And most importantly, you leave this blog feeling empowered, equipped and ready to make some moves!

I hope that by reading this Lifestyle blog, you fee like you’ve hit a gold mine and it encourages you within. You can expect topics on things such as home and life tips, hacks every girl should know, easy DIYs and tips to grow your online business!

Most people don’t know this, but…

  • My husband and I only dated 3.5 months before we eloped! Shocked everyone!
  • My pet peeve is seeing a kid with a dirty nose! lol. What’s yours?
  • I’m a home body! And a strong introvert… but I’m making progress!
  • I was in a marching band majority of middle and high school and loved it! I played the piccolo!
  • For a few years, I did makeup(Bridal) for a living! Decided to change paces to support a friend…
  • I secretly love fashion but have never explored it like other fashion bloggers.

That’s enough about me for now! Tell me about you! And let’s connect. Say hey on Instagram. See you soon!

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