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50 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas that’ll make you more Organized

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Isn’t life a mess when you’re not organized or not as productive as you’d like to be? There are several ways to organize your life, but using a bullet journal is one of my favorite ways to stay productive. Once you get into the groove of managing your bullet journal, you won’t be able to stop because it’s so addicting.

What is the point of a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a system that you can use to organize all your creative thoughts, goals, dreams, or whatever you want to record. I have even heard of some crediting their bullet journal to help them get out of debt and start a successful business. It also helps to hold you accountable and remain productive when you are using your bullet journal consistently.

What spreads should be in your bullet journal?

When setting up your bujo, the spread (page ideas) is limitless because there are so many cool options available. You can be as minimal or creative as you want.

The basics that you can include in your bullet journal are:

  • Key
  • Index
  • Future Log
  • Monthly Log
  • Daily Log
  • Task migration
  • Habit Tracker

I will be sharing with you these layouts and more creative ones that you can also add to your journal if you please.

What is the best journal to use for bullet journaling?

Again, there are tons to use, but let’s get to the good ones! If you are a beginner, you can start with The Paper Studio (found at Hobby Lobby) which I am currently using now, Scribbles That Matter or even a regular notebook (or journal).

For the more intermediate or advanced journalers, you can use the infamous Leuchtturm 1917 dotted, Moleskine ruled/lined Notebook or Midori Grid Notebook. These are the more quality and luxury style of journals, — and you won’t have to worry about your pens bleeding through the pages.

Supplies to use:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I just want to warn you not to go haywire with buying every tool all at once, especially if you are on a budget. Start small, build your way up and before you know it, you’ll have the collection you’ve always wanted.

Tools for your Bujo:

I love these fine tip markers. There are so many colors and you can create so many lettering styles with the shape of the marker tip.

These superfine tips will help you take your creativity to another level and the best part, the pen won’t dry if you leave the top off too long. Ahh… These Fineliners are also available in a variety of colors.

If you’re like me, you will love stencils because you can’t draw like the professionals. These will be your lifesavers!

Two-for-one benefits when you use these dual pens. On one side, there is a fine tip and the other side is a blendable brush tip. 

For when you make mistakes. We all mess up in the bullet journal sometimes!

Spice up your creative bullet journal with a few pieces of washi tape throughout and you’ll be ready to organize your plans.

How can I use my Bullet Journal to stay productive and organized?

If you don’t have a plan, a system to follow, or a way to track your progress, you can’t expect to be productive. Consider your bujo as your side-kick which will keep you on task and make your life much easier because everything is in one spot. Being organized also helps relieve stress and anxiety so you can be more productive daily.

Example of how to organize your plans:

Let’s say you have a school project that needs completing. Write out an outline for your project and brainstorm ideas to help you be creative. You could start with the end goal and a deadline, then break it up into mini-goals with deadlines to help keep you on task.

For motivation, give yourself incentives along the way when completing each project goal.

50 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas that’ll make you more organized

Key Spread

I love this creative yet minimal key made by Erin at The Petite Planner. A key is great to have in your bullet journal because it helps you migrate incomplete tasks or check off tasks when they are finished.

Yearly Layout

A year-at-a-glance is a good way to plan ahead for the whole year. There are several ways you can create a yearly calendar but Amanda kept it cute and simple! You can play with this bujo idea however you like.

Monthly Log

Isn’t this monthly log layout so cute! This is one of the perfect ways to organize your entire month. Plan out your tasks, appointments, and events in one spot on your monthly bullet journal monthly log so that you will know what to expect in advance.

Future Log

This future log idea by Shannon is one you will want to keep in the front of your Bullet journal. Place all of your tasks and events, – flip back to it when you need. You can see several months in advance to make you more organized throughout the year.

Weekly Layout

One weekly log idea that will make you more productive and hold you accountable because you lay out every task you need to check off of your to-do list. The way Eva laid out this weekly log is so cute and simple. It’s kinda minimalistic but still have a touch of personality!

Daily Log

A daily log has got to be one of my favorite pages in my bullet journal because it keeps all the details organized for every day!

Self-Care Spread

Self care is a good management system for your mental health! We might not realize how important self care is until we have drained ourselves dry from work overload. This bujo idea is great to help you balance life outside of work.

Habit Tracker

If you are trying to build new habits in any area of your life, you should have a habit tracker in your bullet journal. This is how to stick to doing certain tasks every day so that it will become second nature to you.

Monthly Challenge Layout

Here is another layout from The Petite Planner. She created a fitness challenge for the month. The options are unlimited with a monthly challenge in your planner.

Weekly Layout

I love browsing through journaling ideas on studywithinspo Instagram page. She is so creative and gives so much inspiration for college students to organize their lives. Here is her weekly plans along with a few goals, events and wishes.

Brain-dump Layout

Right before you sleep, you should do a brain-dump to clear your head. And maybe again when you wake up. This will help to go through and organize your million dollar ideas and sleep better at night.

Gratitude Log

Why should you have a gratitude tracker in your bullet journal? Expressing gratitude every day will keep you grounded and content with what you have. Not saying that you can’t go after your dreams but you will appreciate what you already have which will make you even more grateful when you get the things of your dreams.

Habit Tracker

Another fun way to track your habit… with a gum-ball machine. This is one of the most creative ones I’ve seen yet.

Book Tracker

You can use this book tracker in so many ways. For example, it could be used for the books of the Bible, school books you have to complete or books you’d like to read for the year.

Meal Plan Tracker

Not only is a meal tracker great to keep you organized for the week or month but also save your finances because you will be shopping within a certain budget each shopping trip.

Packing List Spread

Save yourself some stress by utilizing a traveling packing page in your bullet journal. Every essential you will ever need for your trip will be already be available for you on one page.

Finance Tracker

Cute and minimal way to stay on top of your finances is to track your spending in your bujo. I love this spread idea.

Morning Routine Layout

I’ve mentioned before that having a morning routine can help to relieve stress and set the tone for your day. You can read more about how to have a morning routine here.

Travel Plan Layout

Whether you’re trying to keep up with traveling memories or writing out a bucket list of places to go, a traveling planner is a fun way to mark where you’re visiting or potentially want to visit. Organize all of your travel plans in your bullet journal.

No Spend – Budget Spread

Are you that one that needs to do a “No spend challenge”? No shame! I know I am going to try this budget log myself. lol. I will update you when I go and if you want to do it with me, shoot me a message!

Blog Growth Tracker

Watch your blog grow by tracking your blog’s analytics. This will also help you see what areas you might need to work on to improve your blog’s status.

Bible Study Layout

Catch your sermon notes in your bujo like Laura did in this Bible study layout. Keep inspired by referring to your notes often.

Life Plans Layout

Do you want to achieve certain goals in your life? Layout your life goals and plans in your creative bullet journal to stay productive.

Homeschool Plans Layout

This planning idea is for all the homeschool mamas. Organize your homeschool schedule and keep track of your daily lesson plans here. Your kids will appreciate good structure later.

Holiday Log

Keep track of all of your special dates like holidays, birthdays and events for the year.

Cleaning Schedule Layout

A cleaning schedule in your bullet journal will help to keep you organize and clutter free. Who doesn’t need this in their life?

Life Skills Tracker

Oh my, I just couldn’t resist sharing this brilliant bujo idea from Deena. Teaching your kids life skills! Some adults who don’t like adulting need a few of these life skills. lol.

Level 10 Tracker

A creative way to keep track of your yearly life goals is to use a Level 10 layout to reach your highest level of satisfaction in your life.

Instagram Growth Tracker

Isn’t this the cutest Instagram bullet journal tracker? Watch your growth progress happen over time. You will be happy to see your goals come to reality.

Password Log

I don’t know about you but I cannot remember my passwords to save my life. If you’re like me, this password log will be your lifesaver.

Birthday Tracker

One more birthday tracker to inspire you with creativity. =)

Habit Tracker

You can spice up your habit tracker with a few cute doodles while marking off the days you remain productive.

Currently Spread

I haven’t tried this bujo idea yet but I believe it’s a great way to keep up with what you’re currently interested in or maybe even keep up with the latest trends. It would also be fun to look at years later to see how you’ve grown.

School Project Spread

Found on Pinterest

College students, this one is for you! Stay organized with your school project outlines.

A Few Wrapped in One

I love the way Jennifer has made the most of her bullet journal pages by adding several things to track. You won’t have to keep flipping pages because every thing is right here for you.

Fitness Tracker

Do you have a big day coming up… like a wedding? Or maybe you just want to lose weight for health purposes. Track your weight loss progress in your bujo using a fitness tracker.

Cleaning Schedule Spread

Creative and colorful cleaning schedule to inspire you to keep your house clean and organized.

Grocery List Spread

Once you make a master grocery list, you won’t ever have to do it again. Keep your fridge full and pantry stocked by knowing exactly what you need from your grocery list.

Savings Budget Spread

Save some money and set financial goals in your bullet journal. This savings budget is really creative.

Summer Bucket List Spread

I love a good bucket list! This little summer goals bucket list is so cute and inspirational. You can even create one for Fall or Winter.

Water Tracker

Your daily water intake is important so why not keep track of it in your bullet journal?! Make yourself proud by smashing this daily goal.

Budget Plan Layout

Now this monthly budget plan is very detailed and honest! She tracks her planned and unplanned spending along with what was saved towards the end of the month.

Personal Goals Spread

Although this goals layout page is optional, I think everyone should have professional and personal life goals and a plan of action. A plan will make you stay organized and stay on the path to the success you want.

Self-Care Spread

Self care in your bullet journal is like a little cheat sheet to help your make time for yourself and relieve any stress in your busy life. You deserve to put yourself first! No one can serve from an empty cup.

Mental Health Spread

Found on Pinterest

Sometimes when we’re experiencing anxiety, we might not know what to do to escape overwhelming anxiety. Create a mental health guide of things to do when you’re feeling stressed. It will save your sanity!

Planning Routine Spread

With so many things to plan and keep track of, having a planning routine can help remind you of what you need to consistently plan. I like this bullet journal idea!

Wedding Plans Tracker

So pretty, isn’t it? Sylvia just has a way of making your stare at her bullet journal lettering and doodles for days. This wedding planning bujo idea is perfect for a wedding planner or a bride-to-be to organize all plans, thoughts and ideas.

Honeymoon Plan Tracker

Right after the wedding comes the perfect honeymoon, right? Plan and budget ahead so that you and your spouse will be prepared for your special time together.

Homeschool Plans

Put all your homeschool lesson plans in your bullet journal to stay organized and productive. You can even have your kids put their creativity inside as well.

Mood Tracker

Last but not least, a mood tracker. Track the way you feel each day and look back at it once complete to see how you felt on most days. If you’re sad more than happy, you could work on changing a few things in your life to make you a happier person.

Explore in your journal

As you can see, there are so many different types of pages you can add to your bullet journal to make you a more organized and productive person. You can organize every part of your life and take it with you wherever you go. That’s the beauty of having a bullet journal and letting your creative juices flow, the options are unlimited!

I know you liked one of these bujo ideas! Which one was your absolute favorite?

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