Organize Your Life: Beginner’s Guide!

Do you feel like your life is a cluttered mess? Like, if you reached deep into your handbag, would there be lots of food crumbs stuck in between your fingernails? Do it take you almost 30 minutes to find a few pennies to give the cashier when out shopping? 

Don’t feel bad! I’ve been there too! 

Simple Guide on How to Get Organized!

Problem is I’ve always  wanted to be organized but just didn’t know where to start. Whenever I did try to tackle the daunting task of organizing anything in my life, it seemed overwhelming because of how much needed to be done and I’d want everything to be perfect which lead to procrastination!

I felt like if I couldn’t get every single detail of our home, schedule, nightly dinners, kids life…etc perfectly crafted, then I’d just push things off until everything piled into a big mess.

Can you relate?

Thankfully, with dedication to creating new habits in my life, I’ve learned(and still learning) more about how to get and stay organized! Things have improved for the better such as my work life, marriage, time with my kids and more. I can’t wait to share some awesome tips with you. Let’s get started!

First, what does being organized really mean?

In my own words, being organized means that you have control over important areas of your life. You know where things are located, clutter doesn’t consume chunks of your home and you have peace of mind. When you have daily habits of being organized, you prevent chaos in your life, experience less mental stress or anxiety and you are able to be more productive with your time and energy! 

“Being organized is a state of mind with many actions taking place” as Cindy from Cindydesktop says. A clogged mind if a clogged life so let’s clean that up!

What’s NOT true about organizing your life!

Have to be a neat freak. It’s in your gene!

Simply not true! I am definitely not a neat freak and nothing is perfect when you have small kids! They key is taking it a step at a time and being consistent with it! 

Things have to be perfectly organized like the professionals.

You can organize the way that works best for you! Try the tips and tricks and if you don’t like it, find something that you do like to help keep you organized.

You only have to organize once in a while.

Actually, it’s something you should practice daily to build consistency. Do you brush your teeth every once in a while?! Um no! lol. So you have to do this everyday too! Create a habit of organizing and it’ll become like second nature. Trust me, it works!

It takes forever and is hard to do.

I used to think this too but once I actually started to get in the swing of things, it was simple! And with a plan in hand, it didn’t take me all day to organize a few things at a time. If you have older kids, they can help you and make time go by even quicker!

Benefits to being more organized!

There are many pros to having a little organization in your life but I’ll just name a few here… Which would you like to experience more of in your life right now?

-Less stress and anxiety

-Saves you money

-More time and energy to do important things.

-Saves you time

-More structure in your home and life

-More confidence and peace of mind.

I don’t know about you but I love to have my peace and productive time! I know that with those two, I’ll automatically be messed stressed, get more things done, have more time for my kids, hubby and self care!

simple guide to organize your life

Where do you start?

Clear your mind and write it down. Make a plan! You will feel better when your mind is free of the on going to-do list that never seems to end. 

Grab a notebook, write down important takes to complete and attach dates to them. Next, look at each room in your home and jot down what needs to be organized and what needs to be purged!

Let’s start thinking in steps! I love steps because they keep things simple. From your notebook…

A few fun steps…

  • Choose first room to declutter. Embrace the feeling of lifting dead weight.
  • Put on your favorite music. Dance while you work! I sure do! Lol.
  • Get busy and have fun! Organize what’s left over.

You can even set a timer for 30mins to help you stay focused. Consider investing in a planner or bullet journal so that you can organize your schedule with task from your to-do list! I personally love my Bullet Journal for this! This isn’t mandatory but helpful for busy moms such as myself.

Best Ways to Get Organized

  • If it’s important, schedule it! 

Keep a notebook with you so you don’t have to hold every thought in your head. Doesn’t it drain you trying to remember everything all the time? Free yourself girl! Plan it on paper then do it!

  • Put things in their place

If there’s no place for it, that item probably needs to be tossed! You could get containers or bins to help you free up space. You will have to find what goes where in your home and keep it there. There’s no perfect way to doing this but find what works best for you!

  • Clean up your phone

Believe it or not, this has helped me tremendously! Organize related apps together in a folder, delete what you don’t use! This will keep you from going through your phone for two hours trying to find one app. Lol.

  • Set a good sleep schedule

If quite a few CEO’s set good sleep schedules and stick to them, I think it’s a good idea for us to try it too, right? It trains your body to be consistent. You will wake up refreshed each morning after a good night’s rest.

  • Take baby steps

Clean one room at a time! Organize daily or when you can. It might be challenging when first starting to get organized but over time, it will become easier. If you have kids, encourage them to get involved with you! Perfect time to connect with them and clean at the same time!

  • Purge it and feel good doing it

Declutter every two or three months. Learn to detach your emotions from things you really don’t need. If you haven’t used it within three to six months, let it go(singing Frozen song)! Drop that old mail immediately. Of course, keep sentimental items in a safe place!

  • Create a morning and night routine

This is a great way to build healthy lifestyle habits. You will be setting the tone for your entire day and evening. Daily routines allows you to be more productive, more organized and less stress!

  • Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Nothing has to be perfect! You do not have to be a minimalist to be organized. Start small and work your way up! 

Tips to Staying Organized Daily

Now that you’ve taken time to declutter and organize your life, how do you stay that way? It is not as hard as people make it but you do have to be intentional! Nothing is going to organize itself, you will have to practice it. If you’re scatter brain like me and always forget things, write it down or put it on your calendar in your phone. Set reminders!

Here are a few tips to keep your house in order(and your peace of mind):

  • Keep a Master to-do list and check things off as you complete them.
  • Set up a Command Center. I will dedicate a future post to this in the future.
  • Use a planner daily! Organize your task by priority!
  • Start your day off right! Don’t hit the snooze on your alarm clock a hundred and one times. Embrace the day with positivity.
  • Clean up immediately! Toss junk mail immediately! Do the thing immediately! Pushing things off only builds up into a pile of mess. We want to avoid that!
  • Learn to love the word “NO”! It’s actually good for you! Why? Because you can’t do and be everything for everyone all the time. Take care of you and your home first!
  • Find a reason! Let me give you a few examples… your kids, spouse, unexpected guests, no critters in your home, less stress…and more.
  • Celebrate small wins! Make it fun, girlfriend!

Things to remember about being organized

Life will not always go according to plan but with consistency, your new organizing habits will help shape a much calmer lifestyle you may be craving! Remember to give yourself grace, nobody’s perfect! Take your time when just starting as a beginner and have fun getting organized. You can do it!

If you need inspiration to keep you in the groove of being organized, watch Youtube videos or look through Pinterest for motivation. Here is one of my favorite videos for guidance…

What are some areas of your life that need more organizing? Which tip do you think was the most helpful to you?

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